曜越集團董事長 林培熙

Our Mission
"Delivering the perfect user experience"


Chairman's message:
Never sit tight, we are going to rebuild the corporate culture and we are keen to accept any challenges!


Courage x Passion x Perseverance = Thermaltake DNA


The pursue of creativity, competitiveness, combat strength and diligence allows Thermaltake to create a more personalized lifestyle for gamers. The philosophy of Thermaltake Group is to enjoy entertainment, e-Sports, technology and lifestyle, among them the most important is entertainment, because it can keep people happy, get away from depression, and fills you with wisdom, courage, passion and perseverance. Thermaltake Group will fulfill the mission of becoming the cultural brand for the enjoyment of entertainment, e-Sports, technology and lifestyle, creating products that will deliver the perfect user experience to build the brand new magical Thermaltake!